Portrait setup with Dracast Silver Series LED 500 and LED 1000 lights at Refine MD in Menasha, Wisconsin

Refine MD - Winning the Race

We never know what we will encounter when we meet with clients. What Visual Imaging Solutions services do they want to utilize to grow their business? Are they open to suggestions or do they have something specific in mind? Are they willing to employ new technologies and strategies? Do they understand the importance of our suggestions and why they are imperative to success in today’s world where businesses are competing relentlessly via technological strategies? 

Think of it this way… A group of competing business people are in a race to the top of a hill. You are one of those racers and your heart is beating, sweat trickles down the side of your face, and your feet are pounding the pavement like never before. You turn to look behind you, and smile as you see a group of individuals bunched together and some straggling way behind. Your hard work is paying off in preparing for the race and implementing strategies for success. You turn your head and now have the finish line in sight. Your heart starts to beat faster as you see the crowds cheering in the distance. But then you notice another runner — coming from a side road — cuts in front of you. You just feel like you got kicked in the stomach as you realize that you didn’t take the time to look over the map for this year's race. The information about and strategy for the race is constantly changing and you lose the race.

Instead, you can be a winner. Refine MD, the unparalleled aesthetic medical spa in the Fox Valley area, is a forward thinking company that understands the importance of providing customers with the latest and greatest information and technology for treatments in the medical aesthetic industry. When we sat down with Dr. Kay Theyerl, a co-owner of Refine MD, we quickly saw her passion for the Refine MD business, the love for her clients, and eagerness to keep growing her business. 

One of Dr. Theyerl’s primary objectives was to get content in front of current and potential clients. A couple of years ago, we began with a redesign of their website that made it more appealing visually and it allowed viewers to easily access information about the treatments, services, events, and other important information available at Refine MD. We made further suggestions which included video, photography and blog content. Video, images and written content are huge today to market and promote your business. There was little convincing needed when talking to Dr. Theyerl and Ashley — Refine MD’s office manager. But after working with them for some time — we understand why. They are continually going to training seminars — learning, observing, and performing the latest aesthetic medical treatments. Whether it is training seminars or online content, Refine MD works to stay a step ahead of what others fail to do — and as they continue to offer clients content — they will finish the race victorious. 

Meet the Refine MD staff:


For our photo session for business headshots for the talented staff at Refine MD, we set up using our Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR. Usually, we use off-camera flash with a variety of light modifiers for portraits. Often this may mean soft boxes, beauty dish set ups and umbrellas. This time, we used continuous lighting with flat-panel 1000 LED lights and 500 LED lights from Dracast. 

These lights offer a high color rendering index (CRI) for good and natural color reproduction without green color cast some LED's can create. While not as powerful as a flash, they are nonetheless bright enough to use for portraits with today's camera's and their great low-light performance. 

Back in the studio, post production of the photos was simple and easy. The RAW images were converted in Canon's own Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software with the final looks tweaked gently in Luminar.

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