Visual Imaging Solutions
An End-to-End Content Solution
Serving Wisconsin & the Upper Midwest

Visual Imaging Solutions is a content creation and deployment subscription service developed by Dennis and Denise Behreandt of Behreandt Visuals. We help individuals and businesses with ongoing, fresh content (original written content, photography and video) and help deploy that content to a user community.
Content creators Dennis and Denise Behreandt have years of experience as writers, editors, photographers and videographers. With backgrounds in science, technology, theology, history, economics and studio art, they are uniquely able to craft compelling and authoritative content for a variety of audiences.
Subscriptions to content through Behreandt Visuals can include unique written content, commercial photography and video. Subscriptions can include deployment of content via websites constructed with the latest versions of the Joomla content management system. 

Leave the Creative Work to Us

Keeping your audience engaged with your business is critical for retaining existing customers and finding new ones. To do that, you need fresh content on a regular basis. That content often needs to be in the form of engaging and informative articles and blogs, but increasingly consumers expect and need polished imagery in the form of great photography and video.

Visual Imaging Solutions offers great written content combined with compelling photography. Using the latest DSLRs and professional lenses, we can create stunning images of you products and people, helping you connect with your customers and form relationships. 

We also offer the latest in high-definition video capture. Using Canon video DSLRs we create cinematic high-definition video that can be used to communicate the value of your products and services to your audience in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

We also offer high-resolution, broadcast specification video capture using Canon's class-leading XF300 video camera (ready to geek out on specs - read the XF300/305 white paper). The videos we shoot include:

  • Marketing video, CEO videos
  • Presentation videos, interviews, multi-camera
  • Green screen, product overviews

If you need content, we can help. We'd love to introduce ourselves. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Writing & Photography:

  • Articles, blogs, product descriptions, more
  • Head shots, environmental portraits, lifestyle portraits
  • Product photos, editorial, macro
  • Architecture, interiors, fine art


  • One, two, or three camera shoots
  • Camera crane
  • Cool flow location lighting
  • Cinematic DSLR video
  • Interviews, product video, presentations
  • Green screen
  • Editing with Final Cut Pro X; motion graphics with Motion 5

Web Delivery:

  • Deploy content to your existing Websites, blogs and social media
  • Create new content management delivery using Joomla 3.x Content Management System
  • Add a forum or your own social network to your Joomla CMS. We'll show you how!