Case Study 2: Testimonial Interviews

We received an inquiry into working with a healthy lifestyle clinic on a video shoot about two people who changed their way of living and are now reaping the benefits of enhanced health. Testimonials are exciting projects and we were very happy to be a part of creating these powerful messages.

And this is what happened next...

One of the first things videographers want to find out is where the location of the testimonials will take place. Once the time and location is established, it is imperative that professionals in our industry know the directions and arrive on time. Location wasn't a problem -- since we worked with this clinic before. We allotted extra time for setup of our equipment before the testimonials were scheduled. Why is this important you may be wondering -- besides the obvious "it's plain courteous" and "you're getting paid to be there" reasons? In many cases, we are setup before the participants enter the video shoot area. This may be a plus for those high stressed interviewees who can do without watching us bustling about beforehand. In addition, you can discuss any last minute details with the interviewer (if you have an interviewer).   

With all the needed equipment loaded in our vehicle and my crucial Behreandt Visuals/Visual Imaging Solutions checklist blanketed with check marks, we arrived early. There was ample room in the video shoot area -- which is used as an exercise room -- but plenty of space doesn't always mean that other factors don't need to be considered. For instance, it is important to look for items in the room that will perhaps give the testimonial more intrigue, interest, and strength. We avoided a wall lined with exercise mirrors, another wall with a door, and a third wall with a large window open to the outdoors. Since our focus is to be on the person giving the testimonial, we certainly don't want someone walking past the mirrors and windows or through the door while filming. Typically, we prefer including part of the environment for shoots like this one. However, we brought our background stand (including a green screen) just in case. However, we didn't need it! On the vibrant green walls of the clinic hung a colorful painting that added to the excitement and energy of the testimonials. This was the perfect spot to setup!

Before interviewing someone (and after the setup), we enjoy taking a few moments (if possible) to talk with the interviewee because this will often put them at ease. After all, if the person doesn't know us and we point several lights, cameras, and a boom mic in front of them, it is completely understandable that they might get the jitters. There are a variety of ways of interviewing but our preference is for a relaxed, non-scripted style. This day however, we did not ask the interview questions. Instead, the person that hired us had the questions ready and offered to ask them. Offers like this definitely are beneficial in neutralizing interview fears and getting that successful testimonial. Hat tip to Diane! So, we were able to get right into the interviewing process immediately after setup. We couldn't have been happier with the results!

Key Factors:

  • Know the location and arrive on time
  • Will you be including the environment in the background or do you need a backdrop
  • Think about how you can neutralize interview fears

The Results

After the shoot, we imported the clips from both camera A (Canon XF300) and camera B (Canon EOS 5D mkIII) into Final Cut Pro X. We adjusted color and contrast with the color tools built into Final Cut and created a few motion graphics using Motion 5. Putting it all together, we delivered two 5-minute testimonial videos to the client in full HD.

Technology Used On the Project

  • Canon XF300
  • Canon EOS 5D mkIII
  • Canon EF 24-105mm F4L lens
  • Rode Video Mic Pro
  • Rode NTG3
  • Linco Flora heads
  • 3x Soft boxes
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion 5